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Jai Veer Hanuman Serial Sony Tv [Updated-2022]




The show was written by veteran writer, Pramod Pathak, and directed by Vishesh Babu. The series revolves around the love triangle between Veda, a young army officer, Mohan Rathore, and an older woman, Jamuna. The series was produced by Dasari Prakash Varma, who later went on to become one of the most successful TV producers of Indian television. While Veda is a member of the Indian Army, Mohan is a Rajput and the last vestige of the old civilization of Rajasthan, and Jamuna belongs to the Vijaygarh clan, a wealthy family in the Bundi region of Rajasthan. The TV serial aired on SONY Entertainment Television (SET) in 1995. In 2004, the show was re-run on STAR Plus. It was dubbed in Malayalam in 2007 as Swagatham. Plot of the show Veda (Priyanka Agarwal) is an Indian Army officer and the daughter of a Colonel who serves in the Central armed forces in a cantonment in Calcutta, West Bengal. She is married to Mohan Rathore, an Army Major who has served as an officer in the Punjab Regiment. In the flashback, it is revealed that her real name is Sujata and that she was born in Singapore. Sujata lives with her sister Kavita (Maushmi Sanyal) and brother-in-law, Akhilesh (Vinod Khanna), in their hometown in Bengal. Sujata has an affair with Mohan and gets pregnant. Mohan disowns her, but Sujata's family ignores the news and her sister Kavita marries her and accepts her into the family. Years later, Sujata takes her daughter Vasundhara to visit her estranged sister Kavita. She also visits her friend and hospital colleague, Sharada (Jayaprada), whose husband is a colonel in the Indian Army. The Colonel dies and Sujata becomes distraught. She gets drunk and the following day, the two women try to leave Bengal, but are stopped by the border police. They decide to stay in Calcutta and Sujata is allowed to stay at Sharada's. Sujata takes care of Vasundhara and hides her from the world, fearing that her husband Mohan will come to find her. The series focuses on Su




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Jai Veer Hanuman Serial Sony Tv [Updated-2022]

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